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gloMinerals Makeup

Wells Plastic Surgery & Skincare
SC30 Phloretin CF $152.00
SC2 Serum 10 $86.00
SC16 CE Ferulic $146.00
Skin Medica
SkinM1 TNS Essential Serum $260.00
SkinM14 Essential System $570.00
SkinM2 TNS Recovery Complex $165.00
SkinM4 Lytera $125.00
SkinM15 Lytera Skin Brightening System $250.00
SkinM6 Tri-Retinol Complex $55.00
SkinM16 Facial Cleanser $34.00
SkinM17 Purifying Foaming Wash $40.00
SkinM13 Sensitive Skin Cleanser $34.00
SkinM18 Rejuvenative Toner $34.00
SkinM19 Purifying Toner $34.00
SkinM20 Hydrating Complex $80.00
SkinM8 Ultra Sheer Moisturizer $54.00
SkinM11 TNS Ult. Daily Moisturizer SPF 20 $85.00
SkinM10 TNS Cermide Treatment Cream $64.00
SkinM7 TNS Eye Repair $95.00
SkinM3 TNS Illuminating Eye Cream $85.00
SkinM5 Post Procedure Kit $99.00
SkinM9 Scar Recovery Gel **SMALL** $40.00
SkinM21 Scar Recovery Gel **LARGE** $95.00
My Body
MyBody1 Take Control $30.00
MyBody2 Let Me Clarify $65.00
MyBody3 Break Free $60.00
MyBody5 Erase It Kit $190.00
IS Clinical
ISEye IS Clinical Youth Eye $24.00
IS Comp White Lightening Complex $130.00
Elta MD
Elta40 Elta MD UV Daily SPF 40 $25.00
Elta50 Elta MD Sport SPF 50 $25.00
Elta45 Elta MD Shield SPF 45 Oil Free $27.00
Elta41 Elta MD Ev Ph. SPF 41 Tinter/Oil Free $29.00
Elta46 Elta MD UV Clear SPF 46 $30.00
Eltalip Elta MD Lip Balm SPF 31 $10.00
Miscellaneous Products
9 Tretinoin .025% Cream $50.00
7 Tretinoin .05% Cream $55.00
18 Tretinoin .1% Cream $63.00
121 HQRA+ $99.00
SL5 Skin Lightening Cream 5 $47.00
PillowSml Save My Face Pillow – Petite $42.00
PillowLrg Save My Face Pillow – Grande $67.00
Save My Face Pillow Satin – Sml $47.00
Save My Face Pillow Satin – Lrg $72.00
Societe Skin Lightening Cream 5 $36.00
LatisseLG Latisse 5ml $179.00

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