Can Now Get Rid Of Stomach Stretching from Pregnancy or Weight Loss

Increasingly popular with women who no longer plan to have children and want to correct problems created by pregnancy or weight loss, the abdominoplasty (or “tummy tuck” as it is more commonly known) is a plastic surgery procedure offered and performed by Dr. Wells. Interested individuals in the Lexington and Louisville area can contact our offices to set up a consultation. The procedure is not for someone extremely overweight, but rather those that wish to get rid of bulges after pregnancy or weight loss.

Abdominoplasty can take a couple of forms, depending on the extent of work needed. A complete abdominoplasty can take up to five hours to perform. In most cases, a long incision is made from hipbone to hipbone, directly above the pubic region. To free the navel from the tissue surrounding it, a second incision is made. The skin will then be separated from the abdominals and these muscles will be tightened. This works to firm up the stomach muscles and create a narrower waistline. The skin is then pulled taut, with the excess removed.

Following an abdominoplasty, Dr. Wells recommends the patient stay in the hospital overnight and return to work in two to three weeks. Vigorous physical activity may be resumed in a matter of four to six weeks. The procedure produces top results for those with weak abdominal muscles, excess skin, or a bit of a post-pregnancy tummy. By following a good diet and participating in regular exercise, the results can not only be remarkable, but long lasting as well.

Benefits of abdominoplasty surgery include:

  • An improvement in the patient’s appearance. A tummy tuck is generally performed for cosmetic reasons, and used to correct problems caused by pregnancy or considerable weight loss, which can leave the stomach area stretched and the skin loose and unflattering. The procedure is most commonly chosen by women, but many men have elected to undergo the procedure as well. A flat, firm stomach can be the result, without the hanging extra skin that plagues those who have lost weight in quick or extreme fashion. Abdominoplasty will firm up the abdominal muscles, and can remove stretch marks caused by rapid weight gain or belly expansion due to pregnancy.
  • Increased abdominal strength. With the tightening and pulling together of the abdominal muscles your stomach will feel firmer, flatter and ready for the beach.
  • The results are yours for the keeping. The great thing about tummy tuck surgery is that the length of time the patient can appreciate the results is almost entirely up to them. By following a balanced diet, watching weight gain, and incorporating a mixture of cardiovascular exercise and resistance training, the benefits of abdominoplasty can be very long lasting indeed.

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