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Breast augmentation is one of the most frequently performed procedures in our practice, for patients in the Lexington or Louisville areas looking to increase the size of their breasts or improve the appearance of their breasts for reasons relating to weight loss or pregnancy. This means that choosing to have this outpatient surgery done at our clinic will provide you with the safety and security of knowing that Dr. Wells has  extensive experience and knowledge in the area of breast augmentation and can provide patients with high quality results.

The choice to undergo breast augmentation is a personal one, and can be made for a variety of different reasons. This can be simply a desire for larger breasts, which can enhance self esteem, bring a more pleasing proportion to the body, and eliminate or reduce the need for such products as lifting bras and “falsies”. Others may wish to improve the contour of their breasts due to what has been lost during pregnancy. They may also wish to even out the size and shape of their breasts, due to a genetic imbalance. Whatever the reasons, the important thing to know is that, when done by an experienced and properly educated professional, the procedure is an effective and safe method of reaching your cosmetic goals.

Breast augmentations, as performed by Dr. Wells, are outpatient procedures that typically take about an hour and a half. Dr. Wells uses both saline and gel implants, which are usually placed under the chest muscles using an areolar incision. Most of our patients are seen for a follow up the next day and can return to work in about a week. They can return to a participation in sports and intense exercise in about four weeks.

Potential benefits of breast augmentation include:

  • Improvement in aesthetics: Breast augmentation can make drastic improvements to the overall appearance of a woman’s figure, entirely unrelated to the appearance of the breasts themselves. While all cosmetic and aesthetic judgments are a matter of personal taste and a reflection of societal change, there are those women who feel that with smaller breasts, their bodies are somewhat disproportionate and lacking contour. Breast implants can provide a solution to this, as well as set off hips and eliminate the pear shape that is undesirable by today’s beauty standards. Larger breast size can also reduce the appearance of overweight by adding proportion to the chest and offsetting extra weight in the legs, buttocks, stomach, and hips.
  • Increased Self-Esteem: Many women have considered breast implants for more than half their lives, as a result of teasing, feeling insecure around other women or men, or feelings of inadequacy. Breast augmentation can change this, and give back that feeling of increased confidence and an ability to tackle new and exciting challenges.
  • An increase in clothing options: Breast augmentation can eliminate the feeling that it is necessary to only buy certain clothing that can hide or falsely accentuate your bustline. You may find it unnecessary to utilize support and enhancement bras, opening up a world of strapless and backless dresses that may have been difficult to pull off before. Swimwear, also, becomes easier to choose, and a wider selection will be appropriate to wear.

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