Breast Reduction

A Breast Reduction Can Save Your Back

Breast reduction is one of the few plastic surgery procedures covered by insurance.  Most patients electing to have the surgery complain of upper back, neck, and shoulder pain related to large, heavy breasts. The surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure and most patients can return to work within three weeks. It is common for patients to report immediate relief of their back and neck symptoms. Women in the Lexington or Louisville areas can contact Dr. Wells for a consultation to see if breast reduction surgery is the right choice for them

The procedure is commonly performed by making an incision near the areola which then extends downward and then across the crease beneath the breast. Dr. Wells then removes excess tissue, fat, and skin, along with moving the areola and nipple into their new position. The skin is then stretched around the areola, forming the new contours of the patient’s breasts. Ideally, but not always, the nipple will remain attached to all nerves and blood vessels, usually resulting in the presevation of sensation. With the breast lifted and the areola made smaller, the end result is not only smaller breast size, but a significant improvement in the appearance of the breasts.

Some common benefits of breast reduction surgery:

  • The alleviation of severe back, shoulder, and neck pain. This is the most common reason women seek to have breast reduction surgery. Large breasts can cause muscle pain simply from carrying the weight. Breast reduction surgery will lighten the load and many patients report an immediate cessation of these symptoms following surgery. Back, shoulder, and neck strain can not only be a constant source of pain, but can lead to more severe problems down the line, including injury. It is for this reason that most insurance plans cover the surgery.
  • The correction of poor posture. Many women with larger breasts find it difficult to stand up straight at all times. The weight forces their shoulders to droop, and lends to a poor overall appearance. Posture is one of the most critical elements to presenting a confident, beautiful appearance, and breast reduction surgery can lend a hand in achieving that difference.

Breast Reduction Before & After Photos

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