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Why Choose Wells?

Why Choose Wells Plastic Surgery & Skin Care

Our clients choose Wells Plastic Surgery and Skin Care because we are a fully integrated plastic surgery practice.  This means we utilize a team approach between surgery and skin care.  We focus on complete aesthetic plans, not just individual procedures. This ensures that so you will get your very best result.  We offer Skin Care as a maintenance program for our plastic surgery patients to improve their skin quality.  This also helps protect their surgical investment.  We also work with our skin care clients by developing a complete plan of care.  When they are ready, they can take the next step to plastic surgery with improved skin quality.

Our Experience

  • Dr. Wells has been in practice for over 25 years in Lexington, is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon by The American Board of Plastic Surgery, and is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgery and the prestigious American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.
  • Wells Plastic Surgery and Skin Care is a fully integrated plastic surgery practice, utilizing the team approach between surgery and skin care. We focus on complete aesthetic plans – not just individual procedures in isolation – in order to get your very best result.
  • We offer comprehensive aesthetic care for skin care to plastic surgery with four providers on staff.
  • Our Skin Care Team is physician supported with a full time surgeon on site, which is not available at many skin care facilities.
  • Susan M. Wells, RN, MS, CANS, who heads our Skin Care Team, was the first nurse injector in the region, and provides advanced injecting procedures. As an industry leader she is sought after to speak on Injectable Skin Care and beyond. She is also responsible for Wells Sculptra Center of Excellence.
  • There is no other plastic surgeon that spends as much time on every consultation as Dr. Wells – in person, face to face with every patient. We pride ourselves, on the Skin Care side as well, on the amount of time we work with our patients to truly identify your needs.
  • Dr. Wells emphasizes safety, and he only brings products into surgery that are proven to be 100% safe, effective and predictable. We have a new in-office surgical suite for select procedures that don’t require a hospital OR or an overnight stay.  We offer upper blepharoplasty and submittal liposuction in our in-office surgical suite that saves you money on hospital costs and is private, comfortable and discreet.
  • You get the benefit of our research. Every procedure and product is evaluated for efficacy and safety before adopting it for our patients, and we only select and offer the very best of the best.

Our Staff

  • Our talented and friendly staff will put you at ease and help determine the right solution for your surgical or skin issues.
  • We have been told our team is approachable, understanding, empathetic and willing to be with you for every step of your plastic surgery or skin care journey.
  • We are trained and offer the very latest treatments available, and work on continuing education.

Wells Plastic Surgery & Skin Care Offers Galderma and Allergan Products

  • We offer the highest quality products available on the market, and have outstanding relationships with our providers. Galderma’s product offerings include Dysport, Sculptra, Restylane Silk and Restylane Lyft.  We feature Wells Sculptra Center of Excellence. Allergan’s products that we offer include Botox, Juvederm and Voluma, Latisse, and physician recommended SkinMedica products.  See our products page for other outstanding treatments and home skin care products that we offer.
  • Our clients earn Aspire points through Galderma and Brilliant Distinctions points through Allergan, which earn you complementary or discounted treatments with these companies products that we offer.  In essence, you get more with Wells Skin Care.

Quite simply, you are in the very best hands at Wells Plastic Surgery and Skin Care.


"Before Voluma everyone was always asking me if I was sick or sad – and that’s enough to make you sad. After Voluma I get “Hello” and “How are you”, no more sick and sad, just a lot of smiles. I never smiled before Voluma, now I can’t stop smiling."

"Susan does all my skin care and this is the best my face has ever looked. I wish I had come to her years ago. She is honest, not pushy, gives you options and is very concerned. She wants to make you feel good."

"My experience with Dr. Wells and his team was amazing. I was always treated like family, yet professional at the same time. I appreciate Dr. Wells and his surgical team boosting my self-confidence, especially the moment I walked through the surgery center door. Thank you Dr. Wells for helping me love my body again."

"Dr. Wells and his staff surpassed any expectations I had. They were with me with each step of the process. The kindness and compassion shown went above and beyond. They are truly the best and the results are fantastic. I am so thankful for my experience."

"Wonderful Doctor & staff…great experience and amazing results. Thank you for everything."

"I love the results of my surgery. I would tell any mother that is thinking of having Mommy Makeover surgery to do this for herself. I also LOVE Dr. Wells and his staff – they were all great."

"I had great big bags under my eyes that had become permanent after a sad period in my life.  Rejuvapen literally swept the bags away and made my under eyes smooth again.  I couldn't believe it!"

"For my chronic acne Susan began treatments on my face including chemical peels that put my skin in the freshest, best shape possible to allow my skin to heal.  After a month and a half my skin was completely clear."

"Building on Dr. Wells' reconstruction work, Susan Wells accentuated my chin by using Juvederm to give it additional contours and a very natural look. I am beyond thrilled and honestly amazed at how good I look now."

"I was always embarrassed to go to the pool or the beach because of all the hair on my back. I was constantly shaving where I could before I went out. Having Laser Hair Reduction on my back has been life changing. I literally feel like a new man."

"I had my brows done back in December, Bailey Rae Hancock is awesome. I have had tons of compliments, wish I had done it sooner!"

"I'll start by saying I'm a 39 year old male and slowly over time I have lost a lot of volume in my face. I'm very happy with the results and Rachel is top notch. Very kind and personable and has treated me with honesty and care. Also very recently I have had flare ups of cystic acne and have been seeing Lisa Combs for that. The first time I saw her I had a chemical peel and a couple weeks ago I had an IPL Acne treatment. My face has not been this clear in a long time. "

"Dr. Wells was wonderful doing my breast reduction/lift surgery. I am so pleased with my results and wish I would have done it sooner! His staff are all so sweet and welcoming. He has great bedside manner as well.   "

"The service at Wells is A1. I'm 'Jumping with Joy' over my surgery (gynecomasty). After having my surgery I have a better outlook on life. I feel amazing! The receptionist has treated me kindly and offered water and coffee every single trip!"

Our Monthly Specials

  • Introducing Restylane Kysse, the new lip enhancement injectable filler from Galderma.  Restylane Kysse is exceptional because it lasts over one year, a little goes a long way for a natural looking result, and partners of patients say it is MORE KISSABLE than other lip fillers.


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  • We offer the best price on 3ml Latisse in the market.  Give us a call at 859.255.6649 to get started on best selling Latisse for longer, thicker, darker lashes.

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  • We are introducing Restylane Kysse with Wells “Kysse & Tell” offer.  Get $100 off a combination treatment of new Restylane Kysse + Dysport, now through July 31, 2020.

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  • Get $1300 in Complimentary Botox with a Breast Augmentation – $650 for you and $650 in Buddy Botox for a friend new to Botox!

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