Say Goodbye To Skimpy Lashes With Latisse

Now you can more than double your lash fullness with Latisse. You will begin to see results in as little as 4 weeks, and by 16 weeks your lashes will show a dramatic change, resulting in longer, fuller, darker lashes!

As we age, eyelashes naturally become thinner and finer. This is can be the result of hormonal changes as well as years of makeup use and removal. Thicker, longer lashes frame the eyes, enhance makeup, and give you a more youthful look.

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Wells Skin Care Latisse

According to Allergan, in clinical studies,  users reported significant improvement in lash length and quality. Lashes were:

  • 25% longer
  • 106% fuller
  • 18% darker
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How Does Latisse Work

Latisse works by extending the growth cycle of the lashes; allowing your lashes to grow longer, darker and thicker. Simply apply the solution nightly to the base of the top lash line with the provided sterile applicators.


  • Apply every night
  • Maintain your treatment
  • Be patient

Our $110 Everyday Low Price

Latisse is a safe and dramatically effective way to enhance your face with lush, natural lashes. Wells Plastic Surgery and Skin Care is making it even easier now by offering 3 ML Latisse at our Everyday Low Price of $110.

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