You can get rid of a stomach that has been stretched from pregnancy or weight loss with an Abdominoplasty, commonly called a tummy tuck. The tummy tuck has become popular with women who no longer plan to have children and want to correct aesthetic problems created by childbirth. For women who wish to get rid of excess skin and bulges after pregnancy, an Abdominoplasty is the surgical solution. The procedure is not for someone extremely overweight. It is better is a woman has gotten back close to her pre-pregnancy weight. Some may choose a Mommy Makeover that includes a tummy tuck as well as breast surgery.

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Types Of Abdominoplasty

Depending on the amount of correction that needs to be done, abdominoplasty can take a couple of forms:

  • Standard or Complete Abdominoplasty: This surgery addresses correction of the entire abdominal area to tighten the abdominal muscles, fix contour irregularities and create a narrower waistline. Liposuction can be used during the surgery to provide optimum results.  This is the Abdominoplasty most often performed by Dr. Wells and Dr. Soni-Kalma.
  • Mini Abdominoplasty: Addresses small contour problems in the lower abdomen, such as C-section scar revision, and removes skin in the lower portion of the tummy but leaves the belly button in place. The operation doesn’t go above the belly button.

The Standard Abdominoplasty Procedure

  • The Consultation: You will have an initial consultation with Dr. Henry Wells or Dr. Sara Soni-Kalma and the two of you will together determine the goals for your surgery and what you need to have done to reach your desired results. They typically spends a full hour on every consult to answer all of your questions.
  • The Surgery: The procedure can take up to 3 hours to perform. In most cases a long incision is made from hipbone to hipbone, directly above the pubic area, and a second incision is made to free the naval from surrounding tissue. The skin is lifted from the abdominal muscles and the muscles are tightened. This works to firm up the stomach muscles and create a narrower waistline. If appropriate, we do liposuction at this point to complete the correction. The skin is then pulled taut, with the excess removed.
  • Out-Patient Surgery: Dr. Wells and Dr. Soni-Kalma perform Abdominoplasty surgeries in Wells in-office surgical suite. It does not require an overnight hospital stay, which saves you time and money.
  • Post Operative Care: You will see your Surgeon the following day so  they can check on your progress.  You will have two or three additional follow-ups during your recovery period.
  • Resuming Activities: You can return to work in about two weeks, and care must be taken about any heavy lifting during this initial period. Vigorous physical activity may resume after four to six weeks. By following a good diet and exercising regularly your Abdominoplasty results can be remarkable and long lasting.

Benefits Of Abdominoplasty Include:

An Improved Abdominal Contour: A tummy tuck is generally performed for cosmetic reasons, and used to correct problems caused by having children or weight loss, which can leave the stomach area stretched with unflattering loose skin.*

  • Smaller Waistline: By pulling the abdominal muscles and tightening them, you realize a smaller waistline.*
  • Improved C Section Scarring: An Abdominoplasty can minimize the appearance of a significant C-section scar.*
  • Benefits Men and Women: Women most commonly choose this procedure, but men elect to undergo the procedure as well. A flat, firm stomach can be the result. Abdominoplasty will firm up the abdominal muscles, and can remove stretch marks caused by rapid weight gain or belly expansion.*
  • A Firmer and Flatter Tummy: With the tightening and pulling together of the abdominal muscles, your stomach will feel firmer, flatter and ready for the beach.*
  • The Results Are Yours for the Keeping: The great thing about tummy tuck surgery is that the length of time the patient can appreciate the results is almost entirely up to them. By following a balanced diet, watching weight gain, and incorporating a mixture of cardiovascular exercise and resistance training, you can retain the benefits of your Abdominoplasty.*

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Abdominoplasty Before & Afters

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*individual results and experience may vary

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