Breast Augmentation

What Is Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Augmentation Mammaplasty, also referred to as Breast Augmentation, is one of the most frequently performed procedures in our practice, as it is worldwide. Breast Augmentation is preformed in our in-house surgical suite which will not only save you in hospital fees, but helps you feel safe and secure in our private, friendly environment. A Breast Augmentation is primarily for patients looking restore the balance in the sizes or shapes of their breasts. Dr. Henry Wells and Dr. Sara-Soni Kalma are known for Augmentation Mammaplasty, and have experience and knowledge in this field. Our Surgeons provide patients with high quality results and a proven track record of success. Patients consistently tell us that this procedure has made a significant change in their confidence and self-esteem.

Visit our gallery of before and after photographs to see the improvement Dr. Wells or Dr. Soni-Kalma can make for you.

Before & After Gallery

Be sure to view our Before and After Photo Gallery of Breast Augmentation to see real patient results at Wells Plastic Surgery.

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Why Do People Get Breast Augmentation?

The choice to undergo breast augmentation is a personal one, and can be made for a variety of different reasons, all with terrific results.

  • Breast Enlargement: This can be simply a desire for larger breasts, which can enhance self-esteem. This can also bring a more pleasing proportion to the body and reduce the need for products like padded bras and shape wear.
  • Post-Pregnancy Contouring: Some patients wish to improve the contour of their breasts due to the shape and firmness that has been lost following pregnancy & breastfeeding. Post-Pregnancy weight loss can also affect breast contour and volume.
  • Breast Reshaping: Patients may also want to improve the look, size and shape of their breasts when they are not symmetrical due to a genetic imbalance.

The important thing to know is that when done by an experienced and properly educated, board certified plastic surgery professional, the procedure is an effective and very safe method of reaching your cosmetic goals. You may also want to read about Breast Lift surgery which also may be recommended with Breast Augmentation surgery.

Read what our patients are saying!

Dr. Wells and his team have shown outstanding care and results through my whole process of surgery and skin care. I am very pleased I have chosen Wells Plastic Surgery for the services I had done. They were always there for me, too, if I needed anything at all. I am one happy patient.

Click here to read more reviews.

Benefits Of Breast Augmentation:

  • Improvement in Aesthetics: Augmentation Mammaplasty can make drastic improvements to the overall appearance of a woman’s figure and bearing, entirely unrelated to the appearance of the breasts themselves. While all cosmetic judgments are a matter of personal taste and a reflection of what society thinks is ‘beautiful’, some women simply feel that with smaller breasts, their bodies are disproportionate and lack contour.*
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  • Increased Self-Esteem: Many women have considered breast implants for more than half of their lives as a result of low self esteem or feeling insecure about their body around other women or men. Breast Augmentation can help improve the confidence the patient is lacking.*
  • More Clothing Options: Breast augmentation can reduce the feeling that it is necessary to only buy clothing that you can hide behind. You will look better in your clothes and a wider variety of flattering clothing options will open up to you. Swimwear, instead of being a dreaded topic, becomes something to look forward to.*

The Procedure And Options


Surgery: Breast augmentations are outpatient procedures performed in our QuadA In-office surgical suite. The surgery usually takes about an hour and a half, under IV sedation.

Implants and Incisions: Wells uses both saline and gel implants, which are usually placed under the chest muscles using an areolar incision at the bottom of the areola (which leaves less visible scarring).

Dr. Wells and Dr. Soni-Kalma also do an infra-mammary incision, which is in the fold under the breast. This is the most requested incision by our patients.  When deciding between saline and gel, by far, more women choose gel implants which are very safe and typically the best option.

  • Size Matters: Size is a personal decision, made by the patient and Dr. Wells or Dr. Soni-Kalma's expert optinon. We find the majority of our patients prefer a full or large C cup when getting a breast augmentation. However cup size is trending smaller due to more active and athletic lifestyles.
  • Follow-up: Most of our patients are seen for a follow-up the next day, with another follow-up the following week. Additional follow-ups are scheduled at 3 and 6 months.
  • Resuming Activity: Most patients can return to work in about a week. They can begin participating in sports and intense exercise in about four weeks.

Breast Augmentation Surgery Specials

Take advantage of our $700 of complimentary Botox with any gel breast augmentation to improve wrinkles and fine lines, compliments of Allergan and Wells Plastic Surgery.

*individual results and experience may vary

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