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Having children is a wonderful experience for many women – but feeling great in a bikini after childbirth may be a challenge.

Many mothers look to cosmetic surgery to address the aesthetic consequences of bearing children. They seek procedures like breast augmentation or a tummy tuck to help return to the figure they enjoyed before motherhood. They want to feel more comfortable with their body contour and restore the confidence they enjoyed with their figure.

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What Is A Mommy Makeover?

A combination of surgeries or cosmetic treatments which helps restore a mother’s body to its pre-pregnancy form is known as a Mommy Makeover.

These surgeries may include:

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The Mommy Makeover Procedure

The Consultation: The first phase of a Mommy Makeover begins with a consultation to determine the results a patient can expect from the procedure. Dr. Wells will offer suggestions as to what surgeries to include in a Mommy Makeover, work with you to design a surgical plan, and give specific instructions for recovery.

The Surgery: Once the surgical plan is complete, You may schedule a date for surgery. IV Sedation will be given to ensure a comfortable procedure for the patient. Because multiple surgeries will address multiple aesthetic issues, the patient will enjoy less cost and downtime than if the surgeries were performed as standalone surgeries.

Overnight Stay: The patient may stay overnight following the body contouring procedure, or often the patient may go home after the procedures and have a follow-up visit with Dr. Wells the next day.

Post-Operative Care: Our staff will keep you informed of each step of your recovery, and schedule multiple follow up visits with Dr. Wells during that period.

Resuming Activities: You can return to work in two or three weeks. There are no restrictions after four weeks and you can return to vigorous activities in 6-8 weeks.

Tummy Tuck

Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) is a body contouring procedure which strengthens the abdominal wall, removes excess fat deposits, and tightens loose abdominal skin. With the patient asleep, Dr. Wells may start with liposuction if needed. He will then perform an incision following the bikini line spanning from one side of the hip to the other. A small incision is made around the belly button, in order to separate the skin from the abdominal muscle. Next, he will tighten the muscle with sutures to support the abdominal wall.

The excess skin is then removed and the remaining skin is stretched toward the bikini-line incision and closed with absorbable sutures. Patients who only have excess skin in the lower abdominal area may not require the incision around the navel.

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Breast Surgery

Breast shape, size, and elevation may suffer during pregnancy, weight fluctuations or breastfeeding. Few things are more important to a woman feeling feminine than her breast appearance. If her breasts sag, shrink, or are too large for her body type, breast surgery is a practical procedure to include in a Mommy Makeover.

These surgeries include:

Breast Lift

When the breasts sag, a breast lift can restore breast perkiness and a more youthful appearance. The procedure requires IV sedation followed by strategic incisions designed to reshape the breasts, remove excess skin, and elevate the nipples. Sometimes breast implants are used, as well, to restore or enhance breast size.

Breast Augmentation

When breast volume and contour are severely affected by weight fluctuations or pregnancy, many women look to breast implants to regain their pre-pregnancy breast appearance. A breast augmentation will enhance breast size, improve breast shape, and make your breasts firmer. There is a wide selection of implants available to ensure you attain the best results possible.

Breast Reduction

When your breasts are too large for your body type, a breast reduction will help make your breasts more comfortable and more aesthetic. Some women have breasts that are too large because of genetics or pregnancy. Breast reduction will improve body contour by correcting the size of your breasts in relation to your body type.


Liposuction is a popular body contouring surgery that is practical for multiple body areas. Dr. Wells uses liposuction with other body contouring procedures like a tummy tuck or it can be a standalone procedure to help with aesthetic issues like “muffin tops” or excessive fat in the thighs. This body contouring procedure offers proven results to ensure you enjoy your pre-pregnancy body once again.

Our Mommy Makeover Was Even Featured In New Beauty Magazine!

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*individual results and experience may vary

Lower Body Lift

Women who experience significant weight loss may need more than a tummy tuck. The lower body lift, also known as a belt lipectomy, remove excess back and flank skin. This procedure is frequently performed after bariatric surgery or other significant weight loss. This is not typically part of the Mommy Makeover, but may be necessary to get you back to looking like yourself.

Although weight loss is an important process for aesthetic and health concerns, excess skin is often left behind. The results from a lower body lift offer an improvement to the patient’s physical appearance while improving confidence as well.

For more information about a mommy makeover, call Dr. Wells 859.255.6649 or schedule a consultation today.


Should I Wait Until I’m Finished Having Children Before Considering A Mommy Makeover?

For maintaining results, many surgeons recommend mothers wait to have a Mommy Makeover until after they are finished having children. Results like breast elevation and abdominal muscle support could be compromised with additional pregnancies after a Mommy Makeover.

When Can I Have Sex After A Mommy Makeover?

Sex should be avoided for at least two weeks or until Dr. Wells advises it is ok. Incisions need time to heal, and contact with another person could disrupt the healing process.

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