Mommy Makeover

“I love the results of my surgery. I would tell any mother that is thinking of having  Mommy Makeover surgery to do this for herself. I also LOVE Dr. Wells and his staff—they were all great.”


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Mommy Makeover

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Regain Your Youthful Appearance with a Mommy Makeover

Having children is a wonderful experience but not everyone who has experienced the beauty of childbirth looks great in a two-piece bathing suit. Today’s active mothers may not be content with sagging breasts from breast-feeding or a protruding abdomen, which frequently occurs after having children.

Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) and breast augmentation are so frequently requested by women following pregnancies that the combination of procedures is often referred to as a “Mommy Makeover”. Getting themselves back to their pre-pregnancy figure can help women feel more comfortable with their shape and allow them to return to their original body contours. Not only can they get their appearance back but realize a resurgence of their self-confidence.*Mommy Makeover for page

The Mommy Makeover Involves Different Procedures to Achieve the Desired Results

  • Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)
  • Breast Lift and/or Breast Augmentation or Reduction

Why Undergo a Mommy Makeover

  • Get Rid of Excess Skin: The Mommy Makeover can get rid of the excess skin caused by stretching of the abdominal muscles and the extra weight from bearing children as part of a tummy tuck.
  • Tighten the Muscles: The tummy tuck will repair the weakened muscles closer to their original condition.
  • Lift the Breasts: Breasts are lifted into their natural position.
  • Augment or Reduce the Breasts: Some moms may require a breast augmentation while others may wish to undergo a breast reduction.

The Mommy Makeover Procedure

  • The Consultation: The first phase of a Mommy Makeover begins with a consultation to determine what the person wants to achieve. Dr. Wells will offer suggestions, as well as realistic expectations, on what can be achieved and what is involved during the surgery and recovery.
  • The Surgery: Both the breast and tummy tuck procedures will be done in one surgery. Combining procedures will save you significant cost and decrease your overall down time.
  • Overnight Stay: The patient will stay overnight following the augmentation procedure and follow-up with Dr. Wells the following day.
  • Post Operative Care: Our staff will keep the patient informed of each step of the recovery period and you will follow up with Dr. Wells intermittently during recovery and several months following your surgery.
  • Resuming Activities: You can return to work in two or three weeks. There are no restrictions after four weeks, when you can return to vigorous physical activity.

Be Realistic

Being realistic about the outcome is an important aspect to selecting to undergo the Mommy Makeover process, while returning to their youthful physical appearance is typically the goal. There are certain precautions the patient will be advised of during their consultation, but the dreams of achieving a great look through a Mommy Makeover can become a reality when performed by the medical experts at Wells Plastic Surgery.*

The experience can be very positive and our patients are overjoyed when they see their appearance restored and improved by undergoing the Mommy Makeover. The resulting self-confidence can be a life-changing experience.*

Our Mommy Makeover was even featured in New Beauty Magazine!

New Beauty Magazine, Spring 2013
*individual results and experience may vary


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"Before Voluma everyone was always asking me if I was sick or sad – and that’s enough to make you sad. After Voluma I get “Hello” and “How are you”, no more sick and sad, just a lot of smiles. I never smiled before Voluma, now I can’t stop smiling."


"Susan does all my skin care and this is the best my face has ever looked. I wish I had come to her years ago. She is honest, not pushy, gives you options and is very concerned. She wants to make you feel good."


"My experience with Dr. Wells and his team was amazing. I was always treated like family, yet professional at the same time. I appreciate Dr. Wells and his surgical team boosting my self-confidence, especially the moment I walked through the surgery center door. Thank you Dr. Wells for helping me love my body again."


"Dr. Wells and his staff surpassed any expectations I had. They were with me with each step of the process. The kindness and compassion shown went above and beyond. They are truly the best and the results are fantastic. I am so thankful for my experience."


"Wonderful Doctor & staff…great experience and amazing results. Thank you for everything."


"I love the results of my surgery. I would tell any mother that is thinking of having Mommy Makeover surgery to do this for herself. I also LOVE Dr. Wells and his staff – they were all great."


"I had great big bags under my eyes that had become permanent after a sad period in my life.  Rejuvapen literally swept the bags away and made my under eyes smooth again.  I couldn't believe it!"


"For my chronic acne Susan began treatments on my face including chemical peels that put my skin in the freshest, best shape possible to allow my skin to heal.  After a month and a half my skin was completely clear."


"Building on Dr. Wells' reconstruction work, Susan Wells accentuated my chin by using Juvederm to give it additional contours and a very natural look. I am beyond thrilled and honestly amazed at how good I look now."


"I was always embarrassed to go to the pool or the beach because of all the hair on my back. I was constantly shaving where I could before I went out. Having Laser Hair Reduction on my back has been life changing. I literally feel like a new man."


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