Wells Plastic Surgery is a Sculptra Center of Excellence

What does it mean to your that Wells is a Sculptra Center of Excellence? Wells advanced nurse injectors have more experience injecting Sculptra that other practices in this region. Our Advanced Injectors know how to expertly utilize Sculptra to return your face to its correct proportions. You will see your faces youthful contours again. We also offer Sculptra treatments to areas other than the face, such as thighs, knees, chest and forearms, which takes advanced training. Wells Plastic Surgery & Skin Care is also a Galderma Presidents Club recipient, and our focus and on Sculptra Aesthetic and what it can do for our clients is reflected in this honor.

Sculptra Facial Injectable Filler Lasts Over Two Years

Are you beginning to feel you don’t look quite like yourself? It could be the loss of collagen and bone due to aging. When volume is lost the face begins to look hollow, wrinkled and less elastic. This can easily be corrected with Sculptra. Sculptra Aesthetic is a unique facial injectable designed to stimulate natural collagen growth. Collagen is the support structure for your skin that provides your faces volume and shape.

Sculptra can rebuild this lost support structure to problem areas for your own natural collagen to regrow. This product is not a dermal filler as many other fillers only add volume to address wrinkles, lines and folds. Sculptra replenishes lost volume naturally for a truly natural look and long lasting results. You can look younger, refreshed, relaxed, and more vibrant.

Your body regrows collagen over a period of time, so you can see a subtle, steady improvement as you have your Sculptra treatments. Other fillers last only three months while Sculptra lasts up to two years.

Sculptra Works in Three Ways:

  • REPLACE: Sculptra begins working within the deep dermis, replacing lost collagen and reinforcing skin structure.
  • RESTORE: As micro-particles are absorbed, a collagen framework is formed to gradually restore lost volume.
  • REFINE: This results in smoothing out shallow and deep facial wrinkles and folds, refining the appearance of your face for up to two years.

Areas Appropriate For Sculptra That Show Very Good Results:

  • Smile Lines (Nasolabial folds) – deep folds between the nose and the mouth
  • Marionette Lines – the lines framing your mouth
  • Chin and other facial wrinkles
  • Increased collagen improves skin texture

The Sculptra Procedure:

  • Sculptra injections are done in our office typically over three sessions.  A personalized treatment schedule will be developed for your specific case.
  • Topical numbing is used for your comfort, so arrive for your appointment 15 minutes early to begin numbing.
  • Sculptra is injected with very small needles for your comfort.
  • The amount of Sculptra used is dependent on the number of sites to be treated and their severity.  Best results are seen if filled to recommended and prescribed volume.
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  • There is really no down time, with only slight redness at injection sites immediately after your appointment.  You may be told to keep ice packs on hand the first day if you have any swelling.  Massage area after treatment.

Natural, long lasting results in a simple non-surgical procedure.  You will see a significant difference … a subtle but significant difference, at Wells Sculptra Center of Excellence.

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