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Improve The Look And Feel Of Your Skin

Over time, exposure to sun, stress and environmental aggressors can cause signs of premature ageing. Our professional peels stimulate cell turnover and strengthen skin's structure to reduce the appearance of discoloration, smooth skin texture, and improve radiance. Chemical peels are also effective in reducing acne by decreasing oil and enhancing surface exfoliation to eliminate congested pores.

What To Expect From A Chemical Peel?

Following your first treatment, skin texture will be noticeably smoother, with improved skin brightness and clarity. For most of our peels, there is minimal down time. Although a single treatment can be effective, a series of peels is recommended, to best achieve your desired outcome. With each chemical peel you will continue to improve the condition of your skin by promoting cellular turnover, allowing new skin cells to surface and sloughing off old, damaged cells.

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Actual Wells Patient CHEMICAL PEEL

Using medical grade skin care products between peels can enhance your result even further. We offer a wide variety of peels to help with acne, melasma, superficial sun damage and overall anti aging.

Types Of Chemical Peels

  • Micropeel: A multistep process that includes dermaplaning, mild chemical peel and mask or cryotherapy to ensure you get the most from your treatment.
  • SkinCeuticals AHA Peels: Ideal for all skin types. AHA peels work to exfoliate, refine pores, and reduce the appearance of early signs of aging caused by photodamage.
  • SkinCeuticals BHA Peels: Ideal for combination, oily and acneic skin. BHA peels work to promote skin's natural renewal process to aid in the reduction of acne, and to improve uneven texture, blotchiness, and uneven skin tone.
  • SkinCeuticals Advanced Corrective Peel:Slightly more aggressive than AHA and BHA, Advanced Corrective works to reduce the appearance of stubborn discoloration, uneven texture, dullness and clarity.
  • PCA 6% Retinol Peel: 6% Pure Retinol Peel is indicated for patients with moderate to severe discoloration and normal to resilient skin. This peel is appropriate for treating the visible signs of aging, as well as those with sallow or dull complexions. Patients should expect dramatic peeling and shedding of the skin beginning two to three days post-treatment and lasting for up to ten days.
  • Melanage Ultra: Our most effective peel for the treatment of Melasma; it entails an application of a sheer occlusive masque and an at-home regimen. There is no discomfort and little to no irritation during the application of this treatment. Most patients will experience a superficial peeling of the skin.


  • Depending on peel type, you may experience slight stinging, mild redness tightness or dryness in the area immediately after the peel and up to 24-48 hours.
  • Side effects may vary from one peel to another, but are usually mild and temporary. You can return to work the same day but avoid strenuous exercise and sun exposure.
  • Use a mild, gentle cleanser, moisturizer and SPF following your chemical peel. Avoid retinoids, AHA/BHA and other exfoliants for 7-10 days before and after you treatment.  Your skin care provider will guide you as to which aftercare products are best following your peel.

How Many Peels Can You Have?

There is no limit to the number of peels a person can receive as long as improvement continues. The effect is cumulative over time and can be enhanced with at home, daily professional skin care product use.

Candidates For A Chemical Peel

Most people are candidates for a chemical peel. However, if you are a patient with conditions like rosacea, lupus or other autoimmune disorders, you should speak with your doctor or skin care specialist before having a chemical peel. Schedule a consultation with one of our Skin Care Specialist to customize a skin care program and treatment plan that meets your individual needs and to determine which chemical peel is right for you.

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