Those who have realized massive weight loss may find they are unhappy with the appearance of their lower body. This procedure is frequently referred to as lower body lift or belt lipectomy. Dr. Henry Wells of Wells Plastic Surgery was one of the first plastic surgeons in the Lexington, Louisville and Eastern Kentucky area to perform the lower body lift. He is one of the few in the area that regularly perform it. A lower body lift can provide dramatic results for patients who have lost significant weight and are left with multiple folds of excess skin. Excess skin forms because the skin has lost elasticity from being stretched.

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This loose skin can be a significant problem for the weight loss patient. It can be especially dissheartening after they have worked so hard to get to their goal weight. The results of a lower body lift can be more than an improvement to a person’s physical experience and has often been described as a life-changing experience. The dramatic results can add confidence as well as an improved appearance.

Candidates for a Lower Body Lift:

  • Weight Loss: A lower body lift is for patients who have experienced massive weight loss.
  • Bariatric Patients: Patients who have had bariatric surgery for weight loss.

In addition to removing excess skin on the torso, the Second Phase (a separate surgery) may include:

  • Breast Lift, Reduction or Augmentation, combined with Arm Lift (second surgery)
    Medial Thigh Lift (third surgery)

Other Surgeries (Fourth Surgery) That Can Be Added to Improve Aesthetics:

  • Face Lift
  • Liposuction

The Lower Body Lift Procedure:

This can be our most involved surgical procedure and there are several surgeries and stages with each:

  • The Consultation: During a consultation with Dr. Wells – a board certified plastic surgeon – you will discuss the lower body lift as well as other procedures you may need to achieve your goals due to your specific amount of weight loss. You will be guided through the protocols of a lower body lift as well as what to expect during the surgery and their need for follow up care.
  • The Surgery: The procedure(s) can be lengthy with the first phase taking between four and five hours, and the second phase can also last two to five hours, depending on the performed surgeries and the amount of work to be done. The first step of a lower body lift at Wells Plastic Surgery is to remove the excess skin from the circumference of the lower torso while lifting the thighs and buttocks and tightening the abdominal muscles to help return the body to a more natural contour.
  • Overnight Stay: An overnight hospital stay is necessary due to the longer surgery.
  • Recovery: Typically, recovery from the operations can take two to four weeks per surgery depending on the individual’s health and ability to recover. Since the surgery involves an incision that typically extends completely around the lower torso, there will be visible scarring that will fade over time but the results are well worth the trade off. These can be covered under swim trunks or something as small as bikini bottoms.
  • Resuming Activities: It is important to know that you will be off work with each surgery. With the lower body lift, you will be off for three weeks, with breast surgery 2-3 weeks and with a medial thigh lift an additional three weeks.

Those who are continuing to lose weight or are planning another pregnancy are usually advised to delay having a lower body lift, as additional pregnancies may cause the abdominal muscles to stretch again.

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