Defy Gravity – Replace Lost Facial Volume With Juvéderm

Juvederm is an injectable filler used to help correct age-related volume loss and restoring fullness. It is composed of hyaluronic acid which is a substance found naturally in the body. Juvederm is injected where moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds occur. It temporarily adds volume to the skin, most commonly used around the nose and mouth.

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Susan Meers Wells, RN, MS, CANS will place Juvéderm directly into the areas requiring improvement. The treatment area will first be numbed with a topical anesthetic, then series of injections will be done withe a very fine needle to make your treatment more comfortable. Results are immediate with maximum correction seen after two weeks.

What Areas Does Juvéderm Treat?

Juvéderm is most often used to fill in:

  • Parenthesis Lines: The smile line creases from the sides of your nose down to the edges of your mouth
  • Nasolabal Folds: The long lines along the side of your nose
  • Marionette Lines: The long lines below your mouth on both sides of your chin
  • Vertical Lip Lines: The lines above and below the lips
  • Lips
  • Chest Furrows: The vertical lines on the chest that form from heavy breasts or sleeping on your side
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Did you know…you can correct Chest Furrows with Juvéderm?

Click here to view more patient before and after results.

Juvéderm Ultra Vs. Juvéderm Ultra Plus

Juvéderm comes in two different formulations so your treatment can better be customized for your needs.

  • Juvéderm Ultra: Used for finer lines and wrinkles.
  • Juvéderm Ultra Plus: A thicker gel used for those deep lines and creases where more gel is required, and is for skin with signs of aging.
  • The next level formulation is Juvéderm Voluma. For more information see Voluma.

No Downtime

Side effects with Juvéderm are negligible and very mild. You may experience some redness, soreness or bruising at the site of injection. Some patients may feel very mild bumpiness which usually resolves after a couple hours. You can return to work the same day as your treatment.

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