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“Life has different stages, different needs, and different stories. Wells Plastic Surgery patients are real people with real stories about the positive life changes and increase in confidence that our work delivers. No matter where you are in life’s journey, we can help you embrace your beauty and be your best. What could be more rewarding than making people happy? We get to do that every day.”

—Dr. Henry Wells

Look Well. Live Well. Dr. Wells.

Ryland’s Story – Otoplasty

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The bullying started when Ryland was just five. It got so bad that he was physically sick every morning and begged not to go to school. “Those kids were so mean. They called me names because my ears stuck out like satellite dishes. I never wanted to go to school again. But now I’m not bullied anymore” said Ryland.

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*Individual results and experiences may vary

Mickey’s Story – Face Lift & Blepharoplasty

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Mickey Hobbs, owner of Mickey Salon/Spa in Lexington, is a man who has dedicated himself to his business and to the Hair & Beauty Industry. But 50 plus high stress hours a week for over 50 years had begun to take it’s toll. “I woke up at 50, took a look in the mirror and didn’t like what I saw. I didn’t look as good as I felt. And decided I was going to change…everything.” He transformed his business into a 6000 sq ft, lush salon and surrounded himself with young stylists. Then he turned his attention to himself, first losing 36 lbs and dropping to 10% body fat with personal trainer Nate Wiley of Nate’s Fitness Training. But getting fit just made the age on his face and the saddlebags under his eyes more noticeable. “I just didn’t look as good as I felt” said Mickey.

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*Individual results and experiences may vary

Mary’s Story – The Mommy Makeover

mary and daughter

After my pregnancy I just felt unsure about myself. I was a newly single mom with this wonderful little girl, but my self-esteem was just gone. I didn’t feel like myself and I was completely self-conscious. Everywhere I went, Dr. Wells name was mentioned and once I met with him I was completely comfortable and joked that we should do the surgery that day.

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*Individual results and experiences may vary

Stacey’s Story – Chin Reconstruction


I contracted a terrible staph infection during a hospital stay – totally unrelated to my procedure, but in a simple blemish on my chin. That doctor treated and cured the infection, but that involved removing a portion of my chin even down into the bone. What I was left with was virtually no chin with a deep indention. I felt completely devastated. I didn’t even want to leave the house.

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*Individual results and experiences may vary

Rachel’s Story – Breast Augmentation And Acne Care


I’m a very petite person and have always felt that I was out of proportion, which made me extremely self-conscious. I was recommended to Dr. Wells for a breast augmentation by a girlfriend that I trust, and after this procedure I feel that my body is so much more in proportion and balanced. I’m thrilled with the results. I even feel like I stand taller because I’m more confident.

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*Individual results and experiences may vary

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