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Mickey’s Story. Mickey Hobbs, owner of Mickey Salon/Spa in Lexington, is a man who has dedicated himself to his business and to the Hair & Beauty Industry. But 50 plus high stress hours a week for over 50 years had begun to take it’s toll.

“I woke up at 50, took a look in the mirror and didn’t like what I saw. I didn’t look as good as I felt. And decided I was going to change…everything.”

He transformed his business into a 6000 sq ft, lush salon and surrounded himself with young stylists. Then he turned his attention to himself, first losing 36 lbs and dropping to 10% body fat with personal trainer Nate Wiley of Nate’s Fitness Training. But getting fit just made the age on his face and the saddlebags under his eyes more noticeable. “I just didn’t look as good as I felt” said Mickey.

“I had seen Dr. Wells work. Henry is an artist and I knew he knew how to make me look like Mickey Hobbs, just without the saddlebags.”

Initially undergoing a facelift, he complimented this procedure with skin rejuvenation treatments done by Susan Wells, RN, MS at Wells Skin Care. Then he completed his transformation with the final piece of the puzzle, his eye lift.

Mickey said, “The main thing I’m so pleased about is that I still look like myself. No one can really tell I’ve had something done, but the bags under my eyes are completely gone. I don’t look different, I look better.”

And about the Big Six Zero? “They say you’re knocking on 60’s door. Well, I’m not gonna knock it – I’m gonna rock it.”

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