TMJ Treatment with Neurotoxins

Sculpt Your Jawline And Treat Tmj Pain With Dysport Or Botox

Botox And Dysport Treatments For Tmj Are Easy, Effective And Affordable

TMJ is a muscle spasm in the jaw that leads to grinding of the teeth. Pain can be relieved by Botox or Dysport injections in the masseter muscle in the upper jaw.

Injecting neurotoxins into the masseter muscles – located in the back of the jawline – weakens these muscles, resulting in:

  • Less pain
  • Decreased clenching
  • Increased tooth preservation due to less grinding
  • Possible headache reduction

The Treatment

Injections take only about 15 minutes

  • Improvement is usually seen in 5-12 days
  • Injections should optimally be repeated every 3 months
  • No downtime
  • Treatment does not change one’s ability to chew, talk, smile, etc.
  • Results in a more flattering, thinner looking jawline
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Before & After

A Bonus Of Tmj Treatment With Dysport Or Botox Is A Less Boxy, More Flattering Shape Of The Jawline!

Patients unhappy with their boxy jawlines often think surgery is the only option to achieve a softer facial profile, with less heavy and masculine lines. Neurotoxins offer a simple injectable solution for many patients.

Botox Or Dysport Is The Non-surgical Solution!

  • Smooths the appearance of boxy jawlines
  • Relaxing these muscles result in a thinner, more defined jawline
  • Delivers a subtle but beautiful shaping of the lower face
  • Less expensive than a surgical correction, with no downtime
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