GENIUS RF Microneedling

Wells Plastic Surgery and Skin Care is pleased to offer GENIUS Radiofrequency (RF) Microneedling as an option for non-surgical skin rejuvenation! Our newest treatment delivers energy to the deep layers of the skin with precisely-placed needles to stimulate collagen and elastin production. The benefits are improvement in skin texture, decreased appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and tighter, more supple skin. GENIUS can also help improve acne scars!

Why is GENIUS superior?

At Wells Plastic Surgery and Skin Care, we carefully vet the treatments offered to ensure safety and a high standard of quality. GENIUS stands apart due to its ability to precisely deliver a set amount of energy at a controlled depth in the skin. The result is a more predictable treatment which can be customized to each patient, and even to different areas of the body on the same patient.

What do we love about GENIUS?

Sometimes, surgery isn’t a good option for specific areas which bother our patients. GENIUS can be used around the mouth to target those pesky “kissing lines.” We also love being able to offer GENIUS as an alternative to surgery! GENIUS can be used on the face and neck, as well as on other areas of the body for skin tightening when surgery isn’t an option. Because it does not target skin pigment, GENIUS can be used on patients of all skin complexions and ethnicities, as well as on tanned skin! This means that GENIUS can be used any time of the year. Its minimal downtime allows patients to rejuvenate themselves without disrupting their busy lives. Finally, we love that GENIUS complements all of the other treatments we offer at Wells Plastic Surgery and Skin Care. Ask us about how GENIUS can fit in to your treatment plan!
Get started today! Call our office at 859-255-6649 to make an appointment for consultation. Dr. Sara Soni-Kalma will meet with you and determine whether you are an appropriate candidate for GENIUS treatment.

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