“What a wonderful experience from my consultation to final visit.  The staff is very professional and every question was answered prior to any procedure.  Dr. Wells in an “artist” and cares for your well being.  I look forward to my next enhancement or procedure.”

“The whole experience from start to finish was amazing with Dr. Wells.  He thoroughly listened to every concern and question and made [me] feel so comfortable with the entire process.  I am so pleased with my results and highly recommend him to anyone consider breast augmentation.”

“My whole experience with Dr. Wells has been a wonderful one. I’m very pleased with the results of my surgery its self and the helpfulness of his staff. I would do it over and will return to his office if I have future procedures. ”


“My entire experience with Dr. Wells and his staff was extremely positive. I was comfortable and well cared for pre and post surgery. I would recommend Dr. Wells to anyone. ”

“The best decision I have ever made.  Dr. Wells is fantastic my only regret is that I didn’t schedule my appointment years ago.”

“My experience with Wells Plastic Surgery has been fabulous.  From my consultation to my last check-up, everything has been above and beyond.  Thank you so much Dr. Wells and your amazing staff! “


“Dr. Wells gave me my confidence back in myself by doing a wonderful job on my breasts. I feel more of a woman now. ”


“I am an advocate of ageing gracefully. However, the deep wrinkle between the brows made me look angry and tired. After receiving Botox, I look refreshed and felt more confident. Thank you Susan for a great job!”

Betty, Lexington, KY


“I am extremely pleased with the procedure done by Dr. Wells. Dr. Wells and his staff provided excellent information to me prior to my procedure and professional follow up care. I recommend him highly. ”
John, Lexington, KY

“ I love the results from the surgery.  I am so confident now and happy.”



“Naturally, I felt nervous when I was thinking about changing a part of my body, but my nerves were soon put to ease after talking to Dr. Wells and his staff.  They made me feel comfortable and confident about my Rhinoplasty and the results are exactly how I imagined.  I could not be happier!”
Emily, Lexington, KY



“I’m well pleased with my reduction. I would do it again. It has made me feel so good about myself, it really boosted my self-esteem. Dr. Wells was great with me he answered all my questions and I had great confidence in his work and himself as a person. ”

“There is not a day that has passed since my surgery that I haven’t thought about how glad I am that I made the decision to do it.  I look so much better in clothes, feel better about myself, and physically feel great!”


“Dr. Wells is a highly skilled surgeon with years of experience yet his friendly demeanor quickly put me at ease. The results are wonderful-Dr. Wells is an artist! Thank you for keeping my young and looking my best. ”



“Having the Restylane put in my lips and around my mouth to remove the fine lines is the best thing I have every done for myself. I have always had small lips. When I got older they were smaller and I developed fine lines around my mouth and I hated it. Now I have full lips and my fine lines are gone. I feel so much better about myself. I could never go back to small lips. Thank Susan; I love what you have done for me. ”

Sharon, Kentucky

“My experience here has been amazing-from the warm, knowledgeable staff to the beautiful result, I’ve felt so pampered and enriched. I look, at least, ten years younger and can’t wait to stick my face out at the world and smile almost constantly. To coin a phrase from that old musical, ” I feel pretty and witty and wise” for coming.”

Lynn, Lexington, KY


“I could see instant results-wow! I am so glad that I chose the filler.”

Paula, Lexington, KY


“I love, love, love the results of the Fraxel.  Highly recommend to everyone. Wonderful.”



“I think I look at least 5 years younger! ”
Judy, Lexington, KY


“My treatment greatly improved the texture and color of my skin!”