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October is BreWells_breast_cancer_ribbon_0ast Cancer Awareness Month. We would like to extend a few helpful skincare tips to those who are undergoing or have undergone cancer treatments. Side effects from chemotherapy and radiation may include severely dry, itchy skin that often accompanies significant facial volume loss. There are a number of aesthetic treatments available to help minimize these skin issues. These include calming facials, lasers, fillers, Botox, and topical skincare products. These services are typically safe during and after radiation or chemotherapy for breast cancer and other non-head and neck cancers.

Facials: gentle products used during our aesthetic treatments are customized to your specific skincare needs. Studies have shown there are healing benefits through the power of touch, such as with facial massage, including pain reduction and mood enhancement. A soothing facial treatment will improve skin appearance and leave you feeling relaxed.

Injectables:  Botox and dermal fillers, such as Voluma and Sculptra are safe to use after chemo and radiation and can give your face the volume that was lost during drastic weight loss that often accompanies cancer therapies.

Skincare products: a quality skincare regimen can help regain skin health with much needed hydration and moisture that is greatly lost during cancer treatments. Lightweight lotions that can be easily applied are ideal as well as products that are gentle and non-drying that do not contain perfumes, dyes, or chemicals are essential.  Lavender is one scent that is often tolerable but avoid sweet smells like vanilla. It is also important to avoid alpha-hydroxy products and others that heavily exfoliate and peel skin that is already compromised from cancer therapy.

The exceptions for non-invasive skin care treatments are those with a depleted immune system as well as those receiving cancer therapy for head and neck cancers.

Cancer treatments will affect patients physically, mentally, and emotionally. We understand how important it is to stay positive and looking well is important to your well-being. Schedule a complimentary skincare consultation with our aesthetic specialists and feel comfortable in knowing that we perform every skincare treatment with knowledge, compassion and understanding.

Choosing a Plastic Surgeon: Doing Your Homework

We all know that choosing a plastic surgeon is more than surfing the Internet until you find some pictures you like. Doing a little homework to make sure you know the questions to ask to qualify your doctor is key.  Choosing a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon like Dr. Henry Wells is your best choice.

About Website Photographsasps-logo

Pictures are important and we have a lot of them on our website, where all of our photos are of our surgeries and even the models have been our patients. Be aware that on some plastic surgery websites that pictures are sometimes stock photos or may even be copied from another surgeon’s website.

Choose Only a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

The one thing to make your search easier is to look for a surgeon who is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. There are a number of self-proclaimed cosmetic surgery boards and societies that require very little training or qualifications beyond a license to practice medicine. If they are simply ‘board certified’ don’t assume its in plastic surgery. The American Board of Medical Specialties governs certification requirements not only for Plastic Surgery but many other specialties such as Radiology Dermatology, and General Surgery. There are other board certified specialties, such as ENT, Dermatology and Ophthalmology that perform cosmetic procedures within their area of specialty.

Have More Than One Consultation

It is also wise to have a consultation with more than one plastic surgeon. Face to face interaction with your surgeon and his staff helps you determine your comfort and confidence level. You are entrusting them not only with your appearance, but also with your safety and well-being. Cosmetic surgery may well establish a life-long relationship with a practice that can help guide you through life’s stages. While you may not be thinking that long term, comprehensive practices provide services such as lasers, skin care, facial and even makeup counseling that can enhance your surgical results as well as reduce the effects of aging and the environment.

Hospital Privileges

While many surgeons have their own surgical suites, it is important to know if your surgeon has hospital privileges to perform your surgery. This assures that their skills have been reviewed and approved by their peers to perform surgery in their facility.

Experience is a Must

Experience is essential when choosing a plastic surgeon. You many not want a surgeon that does hundreds of assembly line breast augmentations, but you do want someone with a good reputation and a proven history of good results and happy patients. Be sure to ask your friends who have had plastic surgery about their experiences.

Go With Your Gut

It ultimately comes down to the doctor/patient relationship and how comfortable you are going forward. Were you well informed? Were all your questions answered? Did the surgeon himself (or her) take time to listen to your concerns and clearly understand them? Because when it comes down to it, it is all about the understanding between you and the surgeon when you are in that operating room together.

Dr. Henry Wells of Wells Plastic Surgery and Skin Care is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and a member of the American Board of Plastic Surgery and of the prestigious American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.

Facial Rejuvenation for Men – A Means of Staying Competitive in the Workplace

Blog1Today over 90% of plastic surgery patients are women. But that number is steadily decreasing as men are realizing the important benefits both personally and financially of facial rejuvenation.  They are seeing that this can help them looking young and vital.  In business the old adage of ‘image is everything’ applies when you are working with younger and more tech savvy competition.

The larger number of female patients is understandable since they have to deal with the after effects of child bearing.  However, we all get older while younger, recently educated people are constantly entering the workplace.  It is not at all unreasonable to consider cosmetic surgery as a means of staying competitive.

Most men fear that surgery will make them look too different.  Because of this men sometimes opt for minimal procedures thinking the results will be less drastic.  Liposuction can make the neck look better in younger patients, but it can’t correct the loose skin of older patients.  A smaller procedure can even have a negative impact in your appearance when a more dramatic procedure is actually the appropriate course of action.

What are the most popular cosmetic surgery options for men?  Rhinoplasty is one of the most common procedures and chin implants are becoming very popular for men.  Upper eyelid surgery is also very popular with men but if overdone can make the eye round and thus more feminine.  The same applies to a brow-lift, which makes women look youthful, but a lower brow is a very masculine characteristics, so lifting it should be approached with caution. Robert Redford and Clint Eastwood in their prime were excellent examples of very masculine eyes.  On the other hand, lower eyelid surgery can make men look rested and more youthful without altering the shape of their eyes.

Face-lifts and neck-lifts sound like a lot of surgery, but the effect can make you look younger without drastically changing your appearance, with many patients returning to work in a week.  It’s almost like coming back from a week long vacation looking relaxed and refreshed.

Cosmetic surgery can be considered an investment in yourself, and when chosen appropriately and performed with an eye for subtlety, can make you look younger, fresher and more competitive compared to your younger, less experienced colleagues.

Wells Plastic Surgery and Skin Care can schedule a consultation to discuss your rejuvenation options personally with Dr. Wells.  The $100 consult fee is applied directly to your procedure costs.  Non-surgical procedures could be your ‘jumping off’ place, like Botox, IPL or Rejuvapen treatments. 

The “Great Eight” – Summer Skin Protection Tips


Summer is the time to have your head in the clouds.  It is also the time to keep your mind on Sun protection!  Here is our ‘Great Eight’ Sun Protection Tips to get the most out of your sunscreen and to keep your skin safe from the sun’s harmful rays.

  • Always, always wear sunscreen of SPF 30 or above
  • Use a shot glass full of sunscreen – 1.5 oz. – each time you apply head to toe
  • It’s best to apply sunscreen at least 20 minutes before going outdoors
  • Reapply sunscreen every 2 hours, and during intense sun apply every 45 minutes to 1 hour
  • Use sunscreen lip balm and reapply often
  • Check the expiration date on your sunscreen and discard expired products
  • Don’t keep sunscreen in the car – extreme heat breaks down sun protective ingredients
  • Don’t rely solely on sunscreen – use a hat, good sunglasses and sun protective clothing


Our sunscreen pick for fun in the sun?  Physician recommended Elta-MD has a family of sun protection products, and everyone should use two of these sunscreen tools – 1) a DAILY sunscreen for everyday use and 2) a SPORT sunscreen for times of extreme exposure.

For everyday use – and we mean every day – we like Elta-MD Daily SPF 40 or Elta-MD Clear SPF 46 under your makeup to save your face from harmful rays.  Use broad-spectrum Elta-MD Sport SPF 50 for active exposure.

Play it smart by spending a lot of chill time in the shade when you are at the beach or the pool.  Be safe and be glad that a deep dark tan has gone out of style!

Wells Plastic Surgery has achieved Allergan Diamond Status!

We have exciting news from Allergan who is the maker of Botox, Juvederm, Latisse and Allergan Natrelle breast implants. Wells Plastic Surgery and Skin Care has been elevated to Allergan Diamond status. This means that Wells is among the top 3% of Allergan practices in sales volume.  We are also currently the only Diamond account in this region. We think this is quite an accomplishment considering the size of our practice. However our patients come but from all over the country. We also have a number of international patients as well.  We work very hard to provide our patients with the best value and results. Our patients are discerning consumers and recognize that the outcome is the best measure of the value of any product or procedure.

Allergan is a dominant force in medical esthetics. They make Botox which is arguably the most popular product in esthetic medicine. Latisse owns the market for medical eyelash enhancement, and Juvederm is one of the most popular fillers on the market.  Allergan breast implants account for 42% of all breast implants sold in the U.S. and are the largest selling breast implants in Europe as well. We have partnered with Allergan because they are dedicated to introducing and producing the most exciting and effective products in aesthetic medicine today. We are happy to be a part of their success and that they have been a part of our success. We are proud to be an Allergan Diamond Practice.

Value and Price


I am certainly no economist, but I do know that the lowest price is not necessarily the best value.  In our office we have people call every day and ask how much a service costs without scheduling an appointment.  They are shopping for the lowest price for Botox, laser hair removal, or even surgery. Finding the lowest price may save money in the short run but if the results don’t justify the cost it is not a good value. Patients may ask about cost but the most important considerations are: Is it safe and is it effective.

To answer those questions, you need to ask people who have had cosmetic surgery or skin care about their experience. How were they treated? Did they have any problems and if so how were they handled.  Were they happy with their result and did it meet their expectations.  Did they feel that it was a good value?

A good place to start is The American Society of Plastic Surgeons.  For cosmetic surgery also contact The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. For skin care the Society of Plastic Surgical Skin Care Specialists. By searching these sites for board certified plastic surgeons or licensed aestheticians, you can rest assured your body will be in good hands. You don’t need to travel to New York or LA to have a great result. They can help you find a qualified plastic surgeon in your area who will be readily available to answer your questions and meet your needs.

If you would like to contact us, use the contact section of our home page or just call us at 859-255-6649. We would love to hear from you. You will find that we are a great value.


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