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Ear Lobe Rejuvenation with Juvederm


Years of wearing earrings coupled with the effects of gravity leave many of us with softer, deeply grooved earlobes. The side effect is that earrings tend to droop and actually attract attention to this problem. Just like the rest of the body ear lobes are affected by gravity and loss of collagen. We have the solution and it’s so simple.

screen shot 2014 12 02 at 12.02 300x272 1 The ears aren’t the typical part of the body we think of when we think of fighting the signs of aging, but over time your earlobes will lose collagen, thus lose elasticity and plumpness. This leads to sagging, furrowed, wrinkled and even elongated ear lobes. It is even more pronounced when you wear earrings, because lack of support from thin ear lobes that have weakened make earrings droop forward.

The great news is that this can be significantly corrected with the use of injectable dermal fillers to plump the ear lobe. We prefer to use Juvederm – the same filler that we use on the face – to correct the shape and strength of the earlobe by restoring volume.

Thus added support from Juvederm plumps up the ear lobe to its former shape and makes the earring hole not look so stretched out. Your post earrings will be seated better. Injections are done in our office in a single appointment – actually in just a half hour – and topical numbing is used for patient comfort. As corrective procedures go, this can be a very inexpensive fix for something that is bothering you. If you achieve full cosmetic correction most patients never need to repeat the treatment!

The results are long lasting rejuvenation of the lobes, keeping these tell tale hints of age at bay. There is virtually no recovery time, and you can show off those great earrings again immediately!

Call Wells Plastic Surgery and Skin Care at 859-255-6649 for a consultation with Susan Meers Wells, RN, MS, to see how Earlobe Rejuvenation can be achieved for you.

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