Permanent Makeup

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Permanent Makeup

Micropigmentation as permanent makeup is the revolutionary and state of the art method of depositing hypoallergenic mineral pigments into the dermal layer of the skin.  We enhance the shape of the eyebrows with an ultra-thin needle and pigment. Our process is an actual cosmetic tattooing process not to be confused with microblading.

Our micropigmentation device is much more refined than a traditional tattoo machine, giving a finer line and utilizing a different and more specific technique.  The pigments used for permanent make-up are also introduced less deeply into the skin layer than a traditional tattoo and the inks have a different composition.

Micropigmentation by Nouveau Contour

The system we use and prefer is by Nouveau Contour. It allows us to subtly give features shape and definition in order to enhance natural beauty.  This treatment can boost self-confidence and lead to a more active lifestyle.  You will experience personal freedom when your basic makeup looks great all the time.  Our technician Bailey Hancock has been trained under both Nouveau Contour and Permark systems.

Micropigmentation’s smudge free effect will last for several years.  It a good alternative for people with allergies who have difficulty using regular make-up, for contact lens wearers with sensitive eyes and for people who are active in sports.  Permanent makeup helps you always look your best.

The Permanent Makeup Process

The first step of your Permanent Makeup Treatment is and in-depth consultation with Permanent Makeup Specialist Bailey Hancock.  The first step is a consultation where you will:

  • Decide the color and look of your desired new brows.
  • Undergo a patch test with your chosen pigment to assure there won’t be irritation or reactions.
  • Once you have had the consultation and patch test, you will be ready for the application one week afterward.
  • Local anesthesia will be injected to the application area by one of our two Registered Nurse Injectors.  This will help keep discomfort and swelling at a minimum and aids in the recovery process.

We Offer Permanent Makeup Applications for:

  • Eyebrows                           $450 (includes patch test and touch-up)


"Before Voluma everyone was always asking me if I was sick or sad – and that’s enough to make you sad. After Voluma I get “Hello” and “How are you”, no more sick and sad, just a lot of smiles. I never smiled before Voluma, now I can’t stop smiling."


"Susan does all my skin care and this is the best my face has ever looked. I wish I had come to her years ago. She is honest, not pushy, gives you options and is very concerned. She wants to make you feel good."


"My experience with Dr. Wells and his team was amazing. I was always treated like family, yet professional at the same time. I appreciate Dr. Wells and his surgical team boosting my self-confidence, especially the moment I walked through the surgery center door. Thank you Dr. Wells for helping me love my body again."


"Dr. Wells and his staff surpassed any expectations I had. They were with me with each step of the process. The kindness and compassion shown went above and beyond. They are truly the best and the results are fantastic. I am so thankful for my experience."


"Wonderful Doctor & staff…great experience and amazing results. Thank you for everything."


"I love the results of my surgery. I would tell any mother that is thinking of having Mommy Makeover surgery to do this for herself. I also LOVE Dr. Wells and his staff – they were all great."


"I had great big bags under my eyes that had become permanent after a sad period in my life.  Rejuvapen literally swept the bags away and made my under eyes smooth again.  I couldn't believe it!"


"For my chronic acne Susan began treatments on my face including chemical peels that put my skin in the freshest, best shape possible to allow my skin to heal.  After a month and a half my skin was completely clear."


"Building on Dr. Wells' reconstruction work, Susan Wells accentuated my chin by using Juvederm to give it additional contours and a very natural look. I am beyond thrilled and honestly amazed at how good I look now."


"I was always embarrassed to go to the pool or the beach because of all the hair on my back. I was constantly shaving where I could before I went out. Having Laser Hair Reduction on my back has been life changing. I literally feel like a new man."


"I had my brows done back in December, Bailey Rae Hancock is awesome. I have had tons of compliments, wish I had done it sooner!"


"I'll start by saying I'm a 39 year old male and slowly over time I have lost a lot of volume in my face. I'm very happy with the results and Rachel is top notch. Very kind and personable and has treated me with honesty and care. Also very recently I have had flare ups of cystic acne and have been seeing Lisa Combs for that. The first time I saw her I had a chemical peel and a couple weeks ago I had an IPL Acne treatment. My face has not been this clear in a long time. "

—Nathan B.

"Dr. Wells was wonderful doing my breast reduction/lift surgery. I am so pleased with my results and wish I would have done it sooner! His staff are all so sweet and welcoming. He has great bedside manner as well.  "

—Another happy Wells patient

Our Monthly Specials

  • Permanent Makeup Artist Bailey Hancock offers eyebrow micro-pigmentation, or eyebrow tattooing. This is a permanent solution to the loss of brows that comes with aging.

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    Get a Botox Bonus with Breast Augmentation.

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  • Complimentary Dysport for Crows Feet (value $300) comes with an Upper Blepharoplasty or EyeDeal by Dr. Wells in our new in-house surgical suite. Having your procedure done in house also saves you hospital fees.

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  • Due to overwhelming response the Wells ReFresh Club membership is now temporarily closed.  If you would like to join we are taking names on a waiting list.  You will be the first to be contacted when an opening comes up.  Being ReFRESHED is quite the thing at Wells Skin Care!

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