The Big Trend in Breast Augmentations – Smaller Implants Making a Big Comeback

Over the years I have seen a significant change in the size of breast implants that my patients request for their breast augmentation surgery. In the early ‘90’s it was unusual to use breast implants over 350cc, and then it trended to a larger implant size, from an average of 250-300 cc to 350-400 cc. Because trends are trends, and they tend to swing back and forth, we now see a lot of women requesting B-cup or small C-cup size implants.

Patients frequently have jobs that are physically demanding and more women participate in sports and fitness programs than ever before. Lifestyle is an important factor in a woman’s decision to have cosmetic surgery. Today more women seek breast augmentation to balance their figure, not to dominate their appearance.

They may have lost volume from having children and want to restore their breast shape and size. They may want to get rid of their padded bras without a significant change in their appearance in clothes and in the workplace. Many women feel that large breasts interfere with an active lifestyle and would prefer smaller implants for a more fit, athletic look.

Today’s patients are well informed and understand that a large implant may not address all of their concerns. Shape and nipple position are at least as important to the aesthetic appearance of the breast. Today we see more patients seeking a breast lift as well as augmentation to achieve a more attractive breast. To achieve a better overall appearance we can do a Mommy Makeover, which adds a tummy tuck to address abdominal laxity associated with pregnancy.

There are still women who want their breasts to be a major feature of their appearance. However, a woman who exercises regularly and maintains her fitness and health is not just interested in the size of her breasts. She wants everything to look good and in harmony with the rest of her body, as well as her lifestyle. Our practice goal is to recognize our patient’s lifestyle and needs, to provide choices, and help guide them through life’s changes to help them be their best.

Wells Plastic Surgery and Skin Care offers our breast augmentation patients even more. To enhance your new look and make you feel even more special, every breast patient receives $525 (50 units) of complementary Botox. Gel implant patients get an additional $525 (50 units) of Buddy Botox for a friend.

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