Easily Correct Your Problem Areas With Liposuction

Liposuction is a procedure we perform to correct those problem areas in patients that simply won’t go away with diet and exercise. The procedure, contrary to some beliefs, is not an operation for the obese patient and frequently not the best option for the “post baby tummy” (for the best procedure for the post baby tummy, see abdominoplasty). For saddlebags, flanks (muffin tops), arms, and knees it can be a great option. In the neck, particularly, it can have a dramatic impact on one’s appearance.

The primary candidates for liposuction are people who fall within the normal-weight category–men and women with firm and elastic skin who have pesky pockets of fat in certain areas they are unable to remove through a regimen of proper diet and vigorous exercise. Physical health is an important factor that goes in to deciding if you are a candidate for liposuction. The patient should avail themselves of all attainable knowledge so as to have realistic expectations. Age is not a primary factor, although it is important to understand that older patients may not have the elasticity in their skin to achieve an ideal result.

All too frequently, the conception is that liposuction is “an easy way out” or a lazy person’s route to weight loss. Nothing could be further from the truth. As stated, the procedure is not designed or acceptable for those patients who are obese and it is not a magical route to weight loss. In fact, patients who elect to have the surgery are very often the bravest and most determined of people. People who have dedicated time and effort to achieving the body they desire, only to find that genetics aren’t playing fair.

is typically performed as an outpatient procedure and requires seven to ten days of recovery before returning to work. An additional three to four weeks should be allotted before resuming vigorous physical activity. To achieve the best result, patients will need to wear a girdle or compression garment for several weeks following the surgery. Interested individuals in the Lexington or Louisville area can contact our offices to set up a consultation with Dr. Wells.

Some Common Benefits of Liposuction:

  • Spot reduction. It is a widespread myth in today’s society that spot reduction is possible through diet and site-specific exercise. This myth is exacerbated by television infomercials that promise to reduce stomach fat with some sort of sit-up technique or eliminate arm fat with dumbbell exercises. Resistance training can only strengthen the muscle underneath the fat. Liposuction can provide what natural training cannot, which is a reduction in specific, site-targeted areas that are impervious to diet and exercise.
  • Reshaping of the patient’s body. Due to genetics, all of us are destined to carry excess fat in unique areas. This could be on the undersides of the arms, the sides of the thighs, in the neck area, or on the sides of the waist. Though an individual may do all they can to lose weight and obtain the trim body they desire, these areas may remain hostile to change. Liposuction can reduce the fat in these areas, leading to a dramatic change in the patient’s overall appearance.
  • Increased self esteem and confidence. With places on the body an individual is ashamed of, there is a tendency to hide these areas from view, whether through baggy clothing, a refusal to wear a bathing suit, or a reluctance to undress with the lights on, even in front of a husband or wife. Liposuction can take those areas the individual was once most ashamed of and make them into areas they can be proud to show. This can lead to more confidence and a willingness to wear better fitting clothing and even provide an incentive to use exercise and diet to further improve their appearance and health.

What To Expect With Your Liposuction

The best predictor of what you can expect with your potential surgery is to view the surgeons previous patient results.  Click here to view our liposuction before and after photos.