Facial Rejuvenation Is More Than Just a Facelift

When many people hear the term facelift, they envision walking into a surgeon’s office and walking out looking younger. Unfortunately, this is not how it works. A facelift involves many different aspects of a person’s appearance. In fact, making a person’s face appear younger is more of a process than a simple surgery.

A facelift is a part of the process and a consultation with a licensed cosmetic surgeon can help you understand your appearance goals and the best steps to reach that goal. In addition to a facelift, results may be enhanced by a brow lift, eyelid tuck and neck tuck and include dermabrasion and botox or dermal fillers to bring back a youthful appearance. Medical line homecare products also greatly enhance the quality of the skin by erasing fine lines and decreasing brown spots.

Depending on the areas that need to be addressed, Board Certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Henry Wells can perform the right surgery as a series of steps that can be modified. Combined with other procedures, you can achieve the optimum results. The surgical process may begin with a facelift, and depending on the extent of the work being performed, may require five to eight hours. An overnight stay is recommended for patient comfort as well as making post-operative care easier for the patient and their families.

There are many steps involved in a facelift, including:

  • Consultation
  • Operation
  • Post-operative care
  • Skin Care
  • Resume Normal Activities

The staff at Wells Plastic Surgery and Skincare will keep the patient informed on each step of the recovery period, helping with shampoos and cleaning while removing visible sutures on the third day following the operation. Makeup can be applied after seven days, the patient can expect some post-operative swelling that will be addressed by the staff, and the skin care team will help with camouflage makeup. In addition, the team will use ultrasound therapy to help the healing process. A person undergoing an extensive facelift can expect to return to normal activity within two to three weeks, depending on the procedures performed.

The reasons a patient may seek a facelift can vary, including sagging jowls and sallow cheeks. While age plays the greatest role in appearance as a person ages, there are certain lifestyles that contribute to a person’s skin condition. Over exposure to the sun can dry out the skin causing it to become wrinkled and to lose its elasticity. Botox treatments and dermal fillers can put the look of life back into the facial skin.

Fortunately, nature doesn’t have the last word on a person’s appearance as advances in cosmetic surgery can return a person’s youth, bringing with it the confidence in themselves that had when they were younger. Appearance is the first impression many people have of others, and regardless of age, if a person appears older and more tired that they really are, the impression given to others will be just that.

Facelift Before & After Photos

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