Short Scar Facelift

For years, plastic surgeons have used lengthy complex procedures to rejuvenate the face.  The standard full facelift can take 6 hours to perform and with eyelid surgery, it can last over 8 hours.  This is a daunting undertaking for many patients and has led to the development of shorter less extensive procedures with striking results.

Benefits of a Short Scar Facelift

For many patients the short scar facelift can give remarkable results in half the time, reducing risks and recovery time.  The full facelift involves extensive surgery in the face and neck and can require long incisions in the face and scalp. The short scar facelift requires only a small incision in front of the ear and limited dissection in the cheek and neck to allow tightening of the underlying tissue. This then lifts the skin without extensive dissection. In patients with significant excess skin, the incision may extend behind the ear to allow a smooth closure.

Recovery Time With Short Scar Facelift

Since the procedure is much shorter, the patient can go home after the surgery and recover faster with less bruising and swelling. This is a much less expensive option and you can return to work and normal activities much sooner.

Short Scar Facelift Before & After Photos

Visit our photo gallery to see our short scar facelift before and after photos.

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